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About Chu Q. Wang

Chu is committed to bringing the voices of marginalized communities to the decision-making table. He is currently a diversity, equity and inclusion researcher at Harvard University. Prior to Harvard, Chu worked at the United Nations – Executive Office of the Secretary-General (UN-EOSG) and Boston Consulting Group (BCG). He has a Master in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Queen's University. 

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My Portfolio

I am passionate about all of the projects I have worked on, and my hope is that this passion contributes to bettering the world.



Diversity & Inclusion


Research &


My Experiences

My work has given me the opportunity to travel the world and contribute to both the public and private sector.

United Nations 

Executive Office of the Secretary-General

Harvard - Belfer Center

The Future of Diplomacy Project

Boston Consulting Group

Management Consultancy

(Canada, U.S., Middle East)

Barclays Capital

Investment Banking Division


My Education

My education gave me the opportunity to learn and think freely and I hope to contribute to others' learning.

Harvard University - John F. Kennedy School 

Master in Public Policy


  • Concentration in International & Global Affairs

  • Recipient, Weatherhead Canada Program

  • Recipient, Harvard Ministerial Leadership Program

  • Fellow, Kenneth I. Juster

​Other Activities:

  • Co-Chair, Harvard LGBTQ+ Leadership Conference

  • Co-Chair, Harvard Diplomacy Club

  • Co-Chair, Harvard Canadian Caucus

Queen's University

Bachelor of Commerce


  • Undergraduate thesis on research operations - multichannel distribution systems

  • Recipient, Queen Elizabeth II Aiming for the Top

  • Recipient, Scotiabank Leadership Award

Other Activities

  • University Councillor (2018-present)

  • University Senator 

  • Co-Chair, Queen's Micro-Credit Challenge

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